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I frequently leverage the following Linux commands in my daily work, and I’m excited to share them with you in this cheat sheet. As I continue to learn and explore, I’ll be updating this resource regularly.

It’s worth noting that I’ve tested all the commands on Debian-based Linux systems, particularly Ubuntu.

Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference and stay tuned for regular updates!

  • Ctrl + a – Go to start of line
  • Ctrl + e – Go to end of line
  • Ctrl + u – Cut from start of line
  • Ctrl + k – Cut to end of line
  • Ctrl + w – Cut the word before the cursor
  • Ctrl + y – Paste the last cut text
  • Ctrl + L – Clear the screen
  • Ctrl + r – Search history
  • !! -Repeat last cmd
  • !abc – Run last command starting with abc
Misc Commands
  • sudo shutdown -h now – Shutdown system now
  • sudo shutdown -r now – Reboot system now


All credit for these commands goes to the creators behind the below cheatsheet, and I’m grateful for their contribution to the community.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to connect with me on or LinkedIn for any suggestions or comments.

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Join 100+ subscribers who get 0x1 actionable security bit every week.

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